In the vast cacophony of global trade activity dialogue, AAEI will emerge as a single voice, a leader putting the needs of the trade community first in their continuing efforts to create a holistic trade environment.

For over 90 years AAEI has served the trade community, by working diligently minimizing user fees for trade and transportation, pushing for greater transparencies to eliminate redundancy of trade data shared with various government agencies.  Championing the cause of small and mediums firms as well as working side by side with multinational corporations. AAEI has a visionary mindset looking toward the future not just the 21st century, but beyond.   Working with trading partners in Europe, Asia and Latin America in developing and advancing a global platform that will serve the needs of today’s world marketplace.

Why AAEI?  Why not?  Be involved in an organization that understands the trade community’s needs, yesterday, today and tomorrow.  We make global trade happen!