CBP under Pressure Moves October 1 Deadline for ACE

September 7, 2016

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced it is moving the October 1st ACE transition date for drawback and reconciliation to Saturday, October 29, 2016.

The decision came a week after AAEI submitted a letter to DHS Deputy Secretary Mayorkas about concerns over the October 1st ACE transition date.

In the letter, AAEI requested that CBP make drawback and reconciliation filings available fully in the certification environment so that software providers, filers and claimants can test the electronic processes and provide CBP with feedback to ensure that these systems work correctly before shutting down ACS filings. As a result of CBP’s extension, the ACS system will remain available for certain filings an additional four weeks.

CBP’s Office of Trade Relations informed AAEI of the decision on Wednesday, September 7th. The text of the email is as follows.

Dear industry stakeholders, I wanted to give you heads up on the announcement will be making regarding the October 1 deadline. We thank all of you for your input. Please let me know if you have any questions.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has been assessing stakeholder readiness for the mandatory transition of post-release capabilities in ACE and has heard from key industry partners on the need for additional flexibility in this transition. As a result, CBP is moving this date from October 1, 2016 to October 29, 2016 to allow additional time for our trade stakeholders to transition these capabilities to ACE.

This adjustment affects the mandatory filing of liquidation, drawback, reconciliation, duty deferral, collections, statements, and automated surety interface.

All capabilities included in the October 29, 2016 transition that are planned for but not yet deployed to the Certification environment (CERT) will be operational in CERT, and all known prioritized issues will be resolved, no later than September 30, 2016.

While CBP has implemented the capability for most Partner Government Agency (PGA) data to be filed electronically in ACE, trade users may continue to file a combination of CBP electronic data and PGA paper forms where that is currently permitted.

  • APHIS Lacey, NHTSA, FDA and as of 9/20/16, NMFS, data is required to be filed electronically in ACE.
  • For PGA data that is not required to be filed electronically in ACE, filers may file using options currently specified as available for those PGAs.
  • CBP will continue to coordinate and communicate as required the conclusion of PGA pilots via public notices.

To ensure quick resolution of any issues that may arise following the October 29th deployment, CBP will stand up an operations center to support the transition to ACE for post-release capabilities for CBP users. Trade users will continue to contact their assigned Client Representative as the first line point of contact. Client Representatives will escalate trade issues as needed to the operations center. Additional information on support during the transition will be published prior to the October 29th deployment.

The information in this email will be send out in a CSMS message and posted on CBP.gov/ACE by September 8.

Prior to CBP’s announcement, The National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association (NCBFAA) submitted a letter similar to AAEI’s to CBP Commissioner Kerlikowske.