E-Commerce Gains Global Trade Attention

September 11, 2018

AAEI and its partners participating in the World Customs Organization’s (WCO’s) E-Commerce Work Group (WGEC) are working on solutions to the many trade-related pain points involving e-commerce. AAEI has been a leading voice on this work group for more than two years.

In August 2018, the WCO published guiding principles for crossborder e-commerce. The goal is to develop common standards and tools for customs clearance and data harmonization while facilitating legitimate e-commerce activity.

The Framework of Standards on Crossborder E-Commerce was adopted by the WCO Council along with a resolution for ensuring its implementation. The WCO WGEC will meet again in October 2018 to review developments and exchange views on the key issues stemming from the publication of these guiding principles.

Join AAEI in Brussels for the next WCO E-Commerce Work Group Meeting. Please download the relevant documents here.

WGEC Agenda (October 2018)
Draft WGEC Face-to-Face Meeting Report (18-21 June 2018)
Annex VIII_ WGEC Work Plan
Annex VII_Revenue Collection Models
Annex VI_E-Commerce Stakeholders_Roles and Responsibilities
Annex VI_E-Commerce Business Models
Annex V_E-Commerce Flow Chart_Courier_21 June 2018
Annex V_E-Commerce Flow Chart_ Postal_21 June 2018
Annex V_Draft Data Elements_preliminary mapping with the WCO DM_21 June 2018
Annex IV_Definitions
Annex IV_Draft Technical Specifications_ FoS on Cross-Border E-Commerce
Annex III_Intersessional Work Items