Full Text of TPP Released

November 9, 2015

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) released the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and it under a 90 day review in Congress. AAEI’s substantive committees also are busy examining the trade deal’s details.

The TPP’s provisions would allow importers and exporters to do business with lower costs and have access to new Asia-Pacific markets. It would cut tariffs and import quotas. The agreement would impact 40 percent of the world’s economy. Butt AAEI needs time to to consider offering its full support of the agreement until its members have an opportunity to examine the details.

“We are gratified by the release of the TPP’s full text,” said AAEI President and CEO Marianne Rowden. “Negotiations among the 12 Pacific Rim countries took years to arrive at this point. However, as technical trade experts responsible for compliance with free trade agreements, we need to be diligent in our approach to the newly published details.” AAEI members work together regularly on trade policy and will make a full examination of the TPP a top priority.