Is AAEI for You?

The American Association of Exporters and Importers (AAEI) is a corporate non-political association for companies with an interest in international trade. Together, we make global trade happen.

Qualifications for membership:

  • firm or company with at least one employee
  • annual dues

New Options

In addition to AAEI’s membership categories of importer-exporters, service providers and law firms, trade practitioners have new options to choose from.

With more ways to work in and on global trade, AAEI is where we make global trade happen.

Foreign Members

AAEI accepts foreign corporate members, offering full access to AAEI’s Member Center, full participation in any and all of AAEI’s substantive committees*, free subscriptions to AAEI’s International Trade ALERT newsletter and discounts on all AAEI products and event registrations.


Tasting Menu

Company not ready to join? Try our Tasting Menu. Individuals now can participate on an AAEI substantive committee for an annual fee with a two-year limit. Tasting menu fees may be applied in full or in part to the first year of a full corporate membership.

Why Join?


Advocacy with policymakers and regulators


News and information on international trade


Networking with regulators and peers


Sharing best practices


Education and training programs


The complexities of conducting business within the US Import Export system are vast. For 100 years, AAEI has worked closely with companies, ports and trade organizations. We work on simplifying trade for our members and keeping them informed with legislative alerts and updates on policy initiatives. If you and your company are involved with international trade, AAEI membership provides added assurance that your trade operations are meeting your industry’s new challenges.


*Note: AAEI bylaws prohibit foreign corporate members from voting on substantive issues of committee or Association policy. AAEI participants of foreign members are not eligible to participate in AAEI governance committees.