High-level representation in Washington, D.C. for all your company’s international trade needs.

Monitor trade-related activities of Congress, the Executive and Judicial branch.

Propose legislative and regulatory actions to improve efficiency, transparency  and predictability of government agencies that regulate trade.

Brief high-level governmental policymakers.

Testify before Congressional committees and regulatory agencies.


See what our Committees are working on here.

Here’s a brief list of our current advocacy issues:

  • Free trade
  • Bilateral, regional and multilateral trade
  • Port congestion
  • 21st Century Customs Framework
  • U.S. China trade policy
  • Forced labor
  • Anti-dumping, countervailing duties regulations
  • Supply chain security
  • 100% cargo screening
  • Intellectual property rights protection
  • Economic sanctions
  • Elimination of foreign barriers to U.S. exports
  • Trusted Trader