Risk management as an approach to international trade is a strategic view that AAEI has long promoted for trade enforcement and for trade operations.

To global trade professionals with supply chain responsibility, valid, reliable information is a basic requirement for risk assessment. Otherwise, it’s a guessing game.

AAEI Strategic Alliance Partner BSI Supply Chain Solutions is working with AAEI to offer trade professional a new set of risk assessment tools through BSI’s Country Risk Reports.

Country Risk Reports provide heighten visibility into country-level supply chain threats and trends to help organizations take a proactive, risk-based approach to sourcing new suppliers, evaluating new markets, and analyzing potential exposures.

These reports include proprietary data and analysis pulled straight from BSI’s Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network (SCREEN) solution to help organizations make informed and strategic decisions. The reports provide an overview of the current risk landscape within the country concerning supply chain security, corporate social responsibility, and business continuity threats.

Some of the security, corporate social responsibility, and business continuity details you’ll find in the BSI Country Risk Reports include:

  • Cargo Disruption
  • Cargo Theft
  • Hijacking Exposure
  • Smuggling (Unmanifested Cargo)
  • Counterfeits
  • Sea Piracy
  • Supply Chain Corruption
  • Supply Chain Terrorism
  • Human Rights
  • Child Labor
  • Women’s Rights
  • Working Conditions
  • Forced Labor
  • Natural Disasters
  • Natural Disaster Resiliency
  • Man-Made Disruption
  • Political Stability
  • Economic and Financial Stability

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