Primary U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Affecting International Commerce


     Title 15 Commerce and Foreign Trade
          Parts 0-299 (Department of Commerce) (Revised 1/08)
          Parts 300-799 (Department of Commerce) (Revised 1/08)
          Parts 800-End (Department of Commerce) (Revised 1/08)

     Title 16 Commercial Practices
          Parts 1000-End (Consumer Product Safety Commission) (Revised 1/08)

     Title 19 Customs Duties                    
          Parts 0-140 (United States Customs Service)  (Revised 4/08)
          Parts 141-199 (United States Customs Service) (Revised 4/08)
          Parts 200-End (United States International Trade Commission) (Revised 4/08)

     Title 31 Money & Finance: Treasury  
          Parts 500-End (Office of Foreign Asset Control: Trade Sanctions & Prohibited Transactions)  (Revised 7/08)

     Title 37 Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights
          All Parts (Dept of Commerce, Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration) (Revised 7/08)

     Title 46 Shipping
          Parts 500-End (Federal Maritime Commission) (Revised 10/08)

     Title 49 Transportation
          Parts 100-185 (Hazardous Materials Transportation) (Revised 10/08)
          Parts 400-599 (Coast Guard, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)  (Revised 10/08)
          Parts 1200-End (Surface Transportation Board, Transportation Security Administration)