USAID Supports Trade Facilitation (June 25, 2014)
A chart showing USAID’s Trade Facilitation Projects around the world.

WTO Basic Instruments & Selected Documents (World Trade Organization) – Vol.9, 2003 (published Dec 2007)
…the official source for documents pertaining to the operation and scope of the World Trade Organization. Contains Protocols, Decisions, and Reports. New Volumes released every three to six months.

Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (4th Ed. 2007) (World Customs Organization)
…contains the text of the International Convention on the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System and the text of the Nomenclature developed under this Convention – General Rules for interpreting the Harmonized System; Section, Chapter and Subheading Notes, with each heading identified by four digits, the six-digit codes of the Harmonized System, and all other provisions that form the Nomenclature of the Harmonized System. Note: This is included in WCO’s “Harmonized System Book Pack” mentioned below.

Tariff And Statistical Nomenclature for the Year 2008 (European Communities)
…contains the combined nomenclature for 2007, as published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Also includes various classification regulations up through December 1, 2006

United States Foreign Trade Highlights:  Trends in the Global Market, 2nd Ed  (Bernan Press) (April 2007)
…Trends in the Global Market brings together a wide variety of government data to assist users in assessing trends in U.S. international trade. Building on Foreign Trade Highlights from the Department of Commerce, last published in 2002, this volume features:
     Five data sections with aggregate statistics accompanied by summaries, tables and charts with concise text and figures.
     U.S. international transactions and investment position data that provide key statistics on the current
account and net international debt status, and are the broadest measures of foreign trade and capital flows.
     U.S. foreign trade data for export goods and services that provide a wealth of information about trends in the external sector, including detailed commodities, trade with major regions and countries, and the export activity of each state. A full explanatory discussion of data sources, which assists in understanding the multiple foreign trade statistics that appear in the press and in academic discussions of trade issues.

World Trade Organization International Trade Statistics 2009 (WTO) (Jan. 2009)
…annual publication provides comprehensive, comparable statistics on trade in merchandise and commercial services for an assessment of world trade flows by country, region, main product groups and service categories. Additionally, 240 tables and charts depict trade developments from various perspectives and provide a number of long-term time series.

World Trade Report 2008 (WTO) (July 2008)
…annual publication that aims to deepen understanding about trends in trade, trade policy issues and the multilateral trading system.
     The theme of this year’s Report is “Trade in a Globalizing World”. It addresses a range of interlinking questions, starting with a consideration of what constitutes globalization, what drives it, what benefits does it bring, what challenges does it pose and what role does trade play in this world of ever-growing inter-dependency.
     The Report asks why some countries have managed to take advantage of falling trade costs and greater policy-driven trading opportunities while others have remained largely outside international commercial relations. It also considers who the winners and losers are from trade and what complementary action is needed from policy-makers to secure the benefits of trade for society at large.

World Directory of Business Information Websites 2007, 13th Ed. (Euromonitor International)
…over 600 pages and 3,900 listings of sources for business information, divided into industry sectors and covering all major business sectors, with sources from 82 countries. Comprehensive indexes – by organization, business sector, or type of information required – for ease of research.

Consumer China, 2009, 15th Ed. (Euromonitor International)
…over 500 pages of volume and market statistics for over 330 consumer markets together with manufacturer and brand shares for all the major consumer goods sectors in China. Identifies brand and manufacturer shares for all leading consumer markets, population trends & forecasts, economic indicators, consumer expenditures, possession of household durables, retailing and advertising trends, and much more.

Integrated Supply Chain Management (WCO) (Oct. 2005)
…This Volume 6 in a series of Customs Compendiums presents the response by the broad international Customs community to the challenge posed by international terrorism and organized cross-border crime, with regard to security and facilitation of the international supply chain

Container Scanning Equipment (WCO) (June 2004)
…This Volume 1 in a series of Customs Compendiums provides answers to questions that can be raised when acquiring X-ray or gamma ray container scanning equipment. A valuable reference tool for using the latest technological equipment, destined to play an increasingly important role in the future of the world’s Customs administrations. June 2004

Customs Computerization (WCO) (June 2004)
…This Volume 2 in a series of Customs Compendiums is for Customs administrations, government, and private sector partners planning to establish or review their information technology (IT) infrastructure. It focuses on key measures to be taken, from the start of the process through to completion, with detailed information to be considered during each stage.

NOTE: The above 3 publications are individual volumes from a 10-volume “Customs Compendiums Book Pack,” available as a complete set at a discounted price.

     Vol.1 Container Scanning Equipment
     Vol.2 Customs Computerization
     Vol.3 A Secure and Efficient Transit System
     Vol.4 The Global Information and Intelligence Strategy  
     Vol.5 WCO Unique Consignment Reference (UCR)
     Vol.6 Integrated Supply Chain Management
     Vol.7 The Harmonized System, a Universal Language for International Trade
     Vol.8 Customs Valuation
     Vol.9 Integrated Border Management
     Vol.10 The WCO Customs Data Model

Compendium: Customs Valuation Oct 2006 (WCO)
…The focus of this book is to assist in the practical application and interpretation of the WTO Valuation Agreement for all users, Customs administrations and valuation specialists or importers. Includes a comprehensive procedural description of the rules under which the Technical Committee functions, a list of WTO members, the full text of the Agreement on the Implementation of Article VII of the GATT 1994, the WTO Valuation Agreement, WTO Valuation Committee Decisions, Instruments of the WCO Technical Committee on Customs Valuation, Index of Valuation Rulings and Conclusions from Member Administrations

Harmonized System Book Pack (WCO)
     Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, 4th Ed. 2007
     Amendments to the Harmonized System Nomenclature (effective from 1st Jan 2007)
     E-Learning Module CD-ROM: Amendments to HS
     Classification Decisions Taken by the HS Committee
     CD-ROM: Application of the Harmonized System, 2007

Explanatory Notes to the Harmonized System with amending supplements, 4th Ed. 2007 (WCO)
…Five volume loose-leaf set in A4 binder size. Price includes all future Amending Supplements (ten in all) to be issued up to 2012 and their mailing costs. As commentaries finalized by the Harmonized System Committee and adopted by the Council, the Explanatory Notes constitute the official interpretation of the HS at the international level.

Alphabetical Index to the Harmonized System 2007 (WCO) (Published 2008)
…This index is an alphabetical list of of articles and products mentioned in the Harmonized System and its Explanatory Notes, developed to facilitate the location of references to the HS nomenclature or the Notes to specific products or articles covered. Two loose-leaf volumes, approx. 1,000 pages. At the time of purchase, it is packaged with the latest Amending supplements available at the date of purchase. Subsequent Amending supplements can be purchased separately

World Tariff Profiles 2008 (Published Oct. 2008)
…A joint publication of the WTO, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the International Trade Centre (ITC).
Numbers play a fundamental role in key areas of trade negotiations. Perhaps more than in any previous multilateral round of negotiations, tariffs and formulas are at the core of the Doha negotiations. World Tariff Profiles provides detailed data on the bound and applied tariffs of WTO members. Information on each country’s market access is presented in summary tables – allowing cross-country comparisons – and in country pages. These detail the levels of protection for domestic markets and the protectionism encountered in the major export markets.
This year’s edition includes more detailed information on “exports to major trading partners and duties faced”, with data provided for agricultural and non-agricultural products. There are also two new technical annexes. The first discusses the new Harmonized System and its impact on WTO members’ schedules while the second covers concessions on other duties and charges for all WTO members.
     Condenses 5000 to 10,000 tariff line duties for more than 150 countries and customs territories in one single book
     International comparability of the indicators
     Base for the current round of negotiations in the field of market access