AAEI recognizes leaders of international trade, and on occasion, presents the Association’s highest honor, the AAEI Trade Warrior Award, to leaders whose work has benefited the entire trade industry. Today, AAEI gave this honor to Amy Magnus of A.N. Deringer.

Amy is a nationally known Customs expert representing the customs broker community. She is Director of Customs Affairs & Compliance at A.N. Deringer and a familiar presence on panels at AAEI’s annual conferences. Amy’s knowledge of Customs issues has guided her when tasked with contributing to the formation or numerous policies and procedures. She is Trade Ambassador for U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP’s) Trade Support Network (TSN).

Amy began her career at CBP where she worked with various Customs divisions in Washington, DC to draft and implement new policies and procedures as they related to NAFTA, compliance measurements, the Customs Modernization Act, and enforcement. Before leaving CBP, Amy was the Trade Compliance Manager in the Champlain, New York area service port.

In the private sector, as a licensed Customs broker, Amy later became a Vice President for a nationally known logistics company. Her knowledge and experience from both the public and private sides of international trade distinguishes Amy among AAEI members.

With gratitude for her tremendous contributions to the trade industry, AAEI is pleased to confer the Trade Warrior Award to Amy Magnus.