AAEI and its counterparts in Asia and Europe who comprise the Global Shippers Alliance (GSA) are developing a charter to address the global issue of port congestion.

At a recent meeting, the GSA outlined three key common port challenges:

  1. the lack of shippers’ rights;
  2. the need to address labor shortages and capacity at ports; and
  3. the need to leverage advance data to accelerate container movements.

The GSA was formed in 2015 as a partnership between AAEI and the Asian Shippers’ Association (ASA) and the European Shippers’ Council (ESC) to include trade facilitation in advocacy efforts involving transportation and shipping issues.

AAEI currently is leveraging the expertise of its TransPacific Committee to develop formal talking points on the key issues impacting port congestion in the U.S. AAEI will take those talking points and contribute to a larger charter on how governments could improve port congestion.


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