AAEI announced the start of AAEI Chair Julie Parks’s term of leadership along with a slate of other new leaders AAEI’s 100th Anniversary Conference.  

Julie Parks will serve as Chair through June 2023. “Together, we have what it takes to drive streamlined and innovative trade,” Parks says, “one committee, one regulator, one law at a time.  We will chip away the administrivia, demand whole-of-government transparency and predictability, and support our colleagues in promoting trade goodness in their own organizations. I care about this.  I care about you.  Now is a great time to be a part of the [AAEI] community.”

Supporting Julie’s leadership for the next two years will be Ted Sherman of Medtronic as Chair-Elect and Susie Hoeger of Abbott Laboratories as Chair Emeritus. John Sega of Northrop Grumman will serve as Treasurer. Board members Linda Perry of Cardinal Health and Aaron Gothelf of The Walk Disney Company will return as Vice Chair of Education & Annual Conference and Vice Chair of Membership respectively.


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