The House of Representatives passed legislation that would help make the U.S. more competitive with China and support domestic semiconductor manufacturing and research.

The America COMPETES Act of 2022 (H.R. 4521) also includes several trade issues and trade bills including:

• Ways and Means Committee, Trade Committee Chair Blumenauer’s de minimis bill
• Language that calls for merchandise seized that may qualify for an administrative exemption, and is not proven otherwise, will be deemed abandoned after 15 days
• Rep. Kind’s bill on dispute systems reform at WTO
• Calls for increasing in customs staffing and technical assistance
• Provisions on Trade Adjustment Assistance
• Reauthorizing GSP and MTB
• Rep. Sewell bill on trade remedy
• Rep. Rosa and Rep. Pascrell bill on supply chain, outbound/offshoring and “finished goods” provisions

The Senate version of the bill, the United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 (S.1260), was passed last June and does not include a number of trade-related amendments. The two chambers will have to reconcile the differences over the next few months in a conference committee. Congress’ goal is to complete work by Memorial Day.

Over the last two months, AAEI has been meeting with congressional staff and advocating that this effort to reform de minimis should not be rushed through without proper review, including review by the COAC’s 21st Century Working Group and analyzing the results of CBP’s Section 321 Type 86 and Data Pilots.

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