2024 Government Shutdown Chart

The threat of a partial government shutdown still looms as we enter the new year. The Democratic-run Senate and Republican-controlled House of Representatives face a Jan. 19 deadline to make a funding deal that would prevent a partial shutdown unless a last-minute deal is reached. Government services that are deemed “essential” will remain open, others […]

Committee Updates

Must be an AAEI member to attend Committee meetings. Automotive & Aerospace Automotive & Aerospace Industry members work to streamline their entry processes through AAEI outreach to with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the Defense Department and the State Department. Committee members are discussing trade issues that affect the automotive industry. Meanwhile, a committee […]

Top Stories: Forced Labor in Seafood?

Lawmakers Urge DHS to Strengthen Forced Labor Enforcement in Seafood Supply Chains Bipartisan lawmakers Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) and Sen. Jeffrey A. Merkley (D-OR) sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday expressing their concerns about forced labor and human rights abuses in China’s seafood industry. The letter was prompted by research from […]

Member of the Week: Carolyn Burkhead

AAEI features members who personify the Association’s achievements, initiatives, projects and advantages. The Member of the Week spotlight turns to Carolyn Burkhead of The Boeing Company. Carolyn is an incoming co-chair for AAEI’s newly expanded Automotive & Aerospace Committee, which held its first meeting this week. Carolyn was an active member of the Aerospace & […]

Top Stories: U.S. Halts Chip Shipments

White House Halts Advanced AI Chip Shipments to China The Biden Administration announced measures this week to halt shipments of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) chips to China, including chips designed by Nvidia. These regulations, effective in 30 days, aim to prevent China from acquiring cutting-edge U.S. technologies that could enhance its military capabilities. The rules […]

AAEI Submits Comments on Information Sharing Initiative

On behalf of the TransPacific Committee, AAEI submitted answers to a request for information from the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) last week, supporting the Maritime Transportation Data Initiative (MTDI). Read AAEI’s letter here. On Capitol Hill, AAEI is working to build stronger relationships with members who sit on the House Ways and Means and Senate […]

Lawmaker Updating Proposed Customs Modernization Bill

AAEI met with staff members working for Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on the progress of his long-awaited Customs Modernization legislation. Cassidy staff members tell AAEI’s Mitchell Hart that they are currently working on an updated draft, which will include trade facilitation measures. The first draft of the bill focused only on trade enforcement. The revised […]

Aaron Gothelf, Trade Champion

AAEI is recognizing AAEI members— Trade Champions— whose careers in international trade have had significant impact on the development of trade policy and practice. This month, AAEI honors Aaron Gothelf of Disney. Aaron is AAEI’s Treasurer, one of the top three leadership roles on the Association’s Board of Governors.  Aaron’s sense of fiduciary responsibility as […]

Top Stories: Averting Duties on Green Steel

U.S. and EU Extend Green Steel Agreement The U.S. and EU extended the deadline for their green steel and aluminum deal to January 1, 2024. Both sides are working to prevent the re-imposition of Trump-era tariffs, with an interim agreement expected to be announced at the summit on October 20, 2023. The deal addresses non-market […]