President Biden is expected to sign a bill that will prevent a nationwide rail strike after the Senate voted to impose a tentative railroad contract deal. Without Congressional action this week, worker unions were set to go on strike on December 9th.

In White House statement, the President says, “Congress’ decisive action ensures that we will avoid the impending, devastating economic consequences for workers, families, and communities across the country. Communities will maintain access to clean drinking water. Farmers and ranchers will continue to be able to bring food to market and feed their livestock. And hundreds of thousands of Americans in a number of industries will keep their jobs.”

“Working together, we have spared this country a Christmas catastrophe in our grocery stores, in our workplaces, and in our communities”, the President added.

Paid sick leave was an unresolved issue in the contract negotiations. A separate measure to provide seven paid sick days did not get enough votes in the Senate and was not endorsed by the Biden Administration.