A new wave of COVID-19, flooding in China and Germany and a cyber-attack on ports in South Africa are colliding on global supply chains at a time when U.S. importers and exporters are already strained by port congestion. 

The impact of buckling supply chains is felt most in the U.S. and China, which account for more 40% of the world’s economic output. Manufacturers, especially automakers , are being hit hard by supply shortages.

The limping flow of goods took another blow after a recent cyber attack on South African container ports in Cape Town and Durban. 

Supply chain challenges and port congestion are two top issues that AAEI’s Transpacific Committee is taking on. The committee’s efforts in April to call attention to the root causes of port congestion contributed to action by the White House and the Federal Maritime Commission.  

The Transpacific Committee meets every month and is open to all AAEI members. Interested in joining AAEI? Click here.

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