This week’s spotlight is on Cindy Allen of FedEx.

Cindy is co-chair of AAEI’s International Policy Committee (IPC) and has appeared as a panelist at numerous AAEI annual conferences representing both the private and the public sectors. Cindy is a former Executive Director of the ACE Business Office at U.S. Customs and Border Protection and currently serves as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance for FedEx. Cindy is responsible for ensuring that FedEx remains compliant with all current laws and regulations that govern the business on a global basis.

For AAEI’s IPC Committee, Cindy guides AAEI’s close watch of the World Customs Organization and helps identify trade issues that warrant AAEI action. The next IPC meeting will feature Frank Santeiro of CLADEC, an express delivery association for Latin America, who will discuss the challenges and focus areas affecting Latin America.

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