AAEI is spotlighting members who are helping lead the Association on key issues, initiatives and projects. This week, the spotlight is on Newton Vieira of Nike.

Attendees of AAEI’s 101st Annual Conference and Expo will remember Newton from the panel on “One USG – Import PGA Connectivity,” which looked at coordinated border management and the relationships between importers and the Partner Government Agencies that oversee their regulated products. A native of Brazil, Newton contributed to the discussion on account-based management from his perspective as an intellectual property (IP) expert.

Newton is Nike’s Brand Protection Director for both North and Latin America. His career at Nike began 10 years ago, when he took on the company’s brand protection challenges in Brazil. Before joining Nike, Newton worked as an IP attorney in São Paulo, Brazil, representing several major brands.

Newton’s appearance at AAEI annual conference was his first and we hope there will be more to come.

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