AAEI is spotlighting members who are helping lead the Association on key issues, initiatives and projects. This week, the spotlight is on Sava Zjalic of Cargill.

AAEI members got to know Sava at the 101st Annual Conference and Expo in Fort Lauderdale where he was a panelist for a panel entitled, “Future of Customs Trade Functions – A Brave New Digital World.” Sava discussed emerging trade technology, including artificial intelligence, machine based learning, distributed ledger technology. Sava knows what he’s talking about.

At Cargill, Sava is the North America Customs Director. It’s his first position working for an importer-exporter, after more than 20 years in trade working for consulting firms such as Deloitte and Ernst & Young. Sava’s expertise in importing and exporting include compliance duty minimization programs and trade-related IT solutions.

At AAEI, Sava is serving on the Nominating Committee to identify other AAEI members who are leading their companies in international trade and interested in leadership opportunities at the Association.


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