AAEI is spotlighting members who are helping lead the Association on key issues, initiatives and projects. This week, AAEI is featuring Kari Finch of General Mills.

Kari is a member of AAEI’s Board of Governors and co-chair of AAEI’s Border Interagency Committee, which is focused the unique problems of importers subject to the regulations of Partner Government Agencies (PGAs).  This month, Kari presented her ideas about streamlining the entry and release processes to committee members, which includes building a part repository in CBP’s ACE database. It could eliminate the need to send product level details on every single transaction for PGA entries. Her idea was praised by fellow AAEI members, and it has been presented to COAC’s One U.S. Government Working Group.

At General Mills, Kari serves as Senior Manager of Global Trade Services. Kari has 20 years’ experience in global supply chain areas of Customs compliance, global trade strategy and Logistics Management. Prior to working at General Mills, Kari was an Import Compliance Analyst at Target.

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