Ted Sherman


AAEI is spotlighting members who are helping lead the Association on key issues, initiatives and projects. This week, the spotlight centers on Ted Sherman of Medtronic.

Ted is AAEI’s Chair-Elect, and will become AAEI’s Chair on July 1, 2023, replacing Julie Parks. Ted also serves on the Executive Committee and has been an important part of AAEI’s governance for many years, including service on AAEI’s Audit Committee and Finance Committee. Ted contributions over the years have helped AAEI navigate multiple financial challenges and his leadership has been inestimable.

At Medtronic, Ted is the Senior Director of the company’s Global Trade Operations. He is responsible for Enterprise-wide programs such as Export Controls, Country of Origin, Free Trade Agreements, Trade Systems, and Duty Strategy. Ted is the Trade Operations Enterprise Process Owner under Medtronic’s Supply Chain Transformation initiative, a multi-year effort to design and deploy a new operating model for Medtronic’s trade functions globally.

Prior to joining Medtronic, Ted led a team of 100 team members at Target, responsible for all trade operations and compliance activities for the second-largest importer of container freight in the US.