AAEI highlights members who are helping lead the Association on key issues, initiatives and projects. This week, the spotlight is on Cely Coleman of Nitto, Inc.

Cely is an active member of several substantive AAEI committees, including AAEI’s Customs Committee. Cely contributes to the Association’s progress on 21st Century Customs Framework (21CCF) and Forced Labor. Her contributions at AAEI’s Forced Labor Prevention Task Force meetings have helped fellow members understand how some importers are responding to the enforcement challenges. The task force meets every two weeks and the group’s March 2nd meeting will feature a discussion with Prof. Laura Murphy of Sheffield Hallam University, who has been an influential in Forced Labor Prevention.

At Nitto, Cely is the manager of Regional Logistics and Trade Compliance. Her primary responsibility is to ensure that her corporation & its subsidiaries adhere to international trade regulations, regarding import and export activities in and out of the Americas. The role includes being responsible for delivering corporate training to 14 of the company’s business units. Cely also collaborates with the company’s logistics and export control teams to ensure supply chain processes are compliant with corporate objectives and Japanese-American regulations while establishing trade operation functionality.

Cely has taught import and export operation and compliance at City College, City of University of New York, continued studies program. She has worked in the import-export field in various industries, including apparel, automotive, high-tech machinery, medical device and aerospace.