At Thanksgiving, AAEI proudly spotlights the Tuttles, George R. Tuttle, III, Esq. and his father, George R. Tuttle, Esq., as our Members of the Week.

The Tuttles have worked side by side at their law firm for the past 40 years and have remained active members of AAEI during that time.

George III says he has immense gratitude for the “great gift to be able to work alongside [his father] for the past 40 years,” emphasizing the unique opportunity for mentorship that working together has provided.

George III says that at 94, his father continues to bring his 76 years of legal experience to the firm. While his pace may have slowed slightly, George Senior’s love for what he does and his dedication to helping clients remains as strong as ever. George III says that he deeply values every moment spent with his father and business partner, recognizing the impact his father has had on his growth and development.

The Law Offices of George R. Tuttle exemplify the strength of familial bonds in business, showcasing a partnership that goes beyond professional collaboration. The Tuttles’ story and legacy of hard work stand as a testament to the significance of family and mentorship in building an enduring legacy, in family and in business.

We thank the Tuttles for their leadership and hard work in AAEI. Happy Thanksgiving!