This month, AAEI honors Jerry Cook as an AAEI Trade Champion.

As a former member of AAEI’s Board of Governors, Jerry currently serves on AAEI’s Industry Leadership Council (ILC). His experience includes roles on the Advisory Committee for Customs Commercial Operations (COAC) and the USDA Cotton Board and he is a founding/charter member with #CTPAT. That’s some of the reasons fellow AAEI members look to Jerry for guidance, insight and leadership. Jerry currently participates in a half-dozen of AAEI’s substantive committees, including the Customs Committee and the Textiles Committee, on which he is a former co-chair. AAEI’s Textiles Committee is for AAEI member retailers, as well as apparel and footwear companies, like Hanesbrands. The next Textiles Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

Jerry began his career at Hanesbrands in 1987. His current role is as vice president of Government and Trade Relations in which he oversees the various trade, government, global connectivity and DHS/Customs programs and serves as the Hanesbrands customs account manager.

Jerry also has served as a Department of Commerce ITAC-13 Advisor for textile and apparel related products as well as ITAC-14 Customs, USDA Cotton Board, US Treasury Advisory Committee for Customs Commercial Operations (COAC) and a member and founding/charter member with CTPAT.

With gratitude, AAEI is pleased to confer yet another accolade to Jerry’s storied career as an AAEI Trade Champion.

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