US Calls for “Worker-Centric” Trade System

U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai recommended at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, that global leaders adopt a “worker-centric” trade system as they reform and strengthen the World Trade Organization (WTO). Tai told a panel yesterday that the United States wants to lead a conversation on a new version of globalization. “I think the lesson that we are taking is that [the current] version of globalization is running into some limitations,” Tai said. Read more from Reuters.

Yellen to Meet Counterparts in China in “Near Future”

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen met with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He this week in Zurich, Switzerland, and announced that she will be visiting China in the “near future.” A advance team from the Treasury Department will travel to China next month to prepare for the Secretary’s visit. Yellen and Liu agreed to improve US-China dialogue on economic and financial issues. Read more from Reuters.

AAEI Holds Roadshow Event in New York

AAEI held an AAEI Roadshow event this week in New York, hosted by KPMG. The full-day seminar covered top trade topics, including 21st Century Customs Framework (21CCF), Forced Labor Enforcement and Compliance, and Export Controls and Sanctions. AAEI held Roadshow events in the Fall in Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta and Chicago. AAEI will announce details about upcoming Roadshow events as they become available.