Potential Rail Strike Resurfaces after Workers Reject Contract

A major railroad worker union has rejected a contract deal that was brokered by the Biden Administration last month, raising again the possibility of a freight rail strike. The union says the contract, which includes big wage hikes, does not go far enough to address working conditions and sick leave. Both sides have agreed to resume negotiations until November 19, 2022. Read more from Reuters.

BIS Adds New Export Rules on Microchips to China

The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) announced new rules last week to restrict China’s ability to “both purchase and manufacture certain high-end chips used in military applications and build on prior policies.” The rules apply to new export license requirements to older and less advanced chips in addition to semiconductor manufacturing equipment from U.S. companies previously not covered by BIS rules. For details, see the BIS announcement

AAEI Works on Bill of Cargo Rights at GSA Meeting

AAEI, a member of the Global Shippers Alliance (GSA), participated in the group’s annual meeting in Bangkok this week, where the GSA published a “manifesto” on a Bill of Cargo Rights. The manifesto describes minimal service levels and fair treatment that shippers should expect in maritime container transport. Based on the manifesto, the GSA will continue to work with ocean carriers to improve co-operation between partners in the supply chain. Read the GSA joint statement.

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