The White House released a report on tracking progress at the nation’s ports to resolve congestion. The report says recent data shows improvement, including at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach where the number of containers sitting on the docks for more than 9 days is down by about one-third over the first two weeks of November 2021.

The White House report also includes a new dashboard of transportation supply chain data that will be updated twice a month. 

On November 9th, the White House announced an action plan to alleviate supply chain disruption in November which includes more flexibility for port officials to reallocate federal money for port improvements. But the White House acknowledges that it’s up to private companies to improve their coordination. “The goods movement chain is controlled by the private sector,” the White House says, “which is why we have continued to work closely with the private sector to drive improvements to the system. Corporate leaders have recently reaffirmed that the system is successfully moving products.”

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