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Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)
Deployment A Deployment B Deployment C

November 2, 2013
Includes Increments 1 and 2

January 4, 2014
Includes Increment 3
April 5, 2014
Includes Increment 4
  • Auto Corrections/Cancellations
  • SE Integration with In-bond
  • Partial Quantities for SE: without In-bon
  • Splits for SE: Hold All and immediate delivery
  • Upgrade SE GUI for CBP

See CBP Notice for Trade Community

  •  Partial Quantities for SE: with In-bond
  • Cargo release Data Build-out
  • Ocean/Rail Manifest Ingegration with SE
  • Finish cancellation process from ACE Entry Summary for SE response
  • Mail Entry Writing System (MEWS)
  •  Certified from Summary
  • Query Capability: Trade ability to query ABI
  • Truch Manifest Integration with SE
  • Transitional data synchronization: entry

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AAEI Since 1921

AAEI, the American Association of Exporters and Importers, is the premier trade organization representing those immediately engaged in and directly impacted by developments pertaining to international trade. We are recognized as technical experts regarding the day-to-day facilitation of trade.

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You may work for a trusted trader, but if you are not enrolled in Global Entry, you are just standing in line to clear CBP at the airport like everyone else. Become a Trusted Traveler by joining Global Entry – it’s simple and costs just $100.
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New to Trade?
  • What kind of license is required?
  • Should you consult a licensed customs broker?
  • Is Importer Security Filing (ISF/”10+2”) mandatory?

Get information for new importers and exporters about CBP’s policies and procedures and avoid problems clearing your merchandise.
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AAEI Files Amicus Brief in Deckers Case
AAEI filed an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court on April 9, 2014 in the case of
Deckers Outdoor Corp. v. United States. At issue is whether courts should grant deference to self-published Customs definitions of terms – terms which have not been enacted as regulations with notice and a comment period offered.
AAEI Amicus Brief in Deckers v US

State of the Association
A big reason for the increased confidence in US economic growth is the result of companies, both large and small, making small changes of reducing costs and debt, investing in efficiencies, increasing sales and profits.  The same is true for AAEI and its work on members’ behalf to develop the resources for investing into new capacity and projects to drive our trade facilitation agenda, here in the US and abroad.
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Looking Out for You:
Two Cases to Watch
AAEI is filing amicus briefs regarding two recent cases that affect the reach and scope of Customs and Border and Protection (CBP) and could greatly impact the international trade community – both companies and trade compliance professionals.
United States v. Trek Leather: At issue is whether corporate officers or shareholders can be held personally liable for duties and penalties.
Deckers Outdoor Corp. v. United States
Brief filed on April 9, 2014:
AAEI Amicus Brief in Deckers v US

AAEI Joins Coalition Letter to CPSC for Workshop
AAEI, the US Chamber of Commerce and 30 other trade associations sent a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)  requesting that it establish an industry workshop to engage with all stakeholders regarding the "at entry" filing of compliance certificates in the proposed Part 1110 Rule. It has been sent to all 3 CPSC commissioners, CBP Commissioner Kerlikowske and the chairs and ranking members of the committees of jurisdiction.
To read the letter, please click

Executive Order Mandates Completion of ITDS
President Obama signed an Executive Order mandating the completion of the International Trade Data System by the end of 2016. ITDS is a digital portal would allow businesses to submit forms and data through a "single window."
Executive Order - Streamlining Export/Import Process for America's Business
AAEI News Release on ITDS

AAEI in the News

JOC 2014 Annual Review & Outlook

During the partial government shutdown, AAEI has been mentioned in media coverage of the story. These are some examples:

Lawmakers Propose Fast-Track TPA Bill

A bipartisan Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill was introduced in both the Senate (Senators Baucus and Hatch) and the House (Congressman Camp). TPA, which expired in 2007, prevents lawmakers from filibustering or amending trade deals-- only a yea or a nay vote is permitted. Passage of the TPA bill will allow the Obama Administration to move quickly on two critically important trade deals, the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) with 11 other Pacific Rim countries and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the European Union.
"AAEI has been a strong advocate for TPA," says AAEI President and CEO Marianne Rowden, hailing today's good news. Rowden adds that in December, AAEI reached out to both the Senate and the House on this important issue and will continue to advocate for free and fair trade.
Senate Trade Promotion Authority Bill Text
Senate Trade Promotion Authority Summary  
AAEI Press Release

Our Four Core Areas


AAEI ComplianceCompliance
Conducting international trade in conformity with US and international laws and regulations.

 AAEI Facilitation
Advancing the flow of international trade through modernizing and simplifying customs procedures, duty collection, and other trade measures.

AAEI SafetySafety
Ensuring the safety of all products imported and exported in the US for the good of consumers and business practices.

AAEI SecuritySecurity
Protecting the public from possible danger, harm or threat to the supply chain intended by criminal groups or individuals.

Events and More

93rd AAEI Annual Conference & Expo, June 16-18, 2014
93rd AAEI Annual Conference & Expo
AAEI Annual Conference
The AAEI 93rd Annual Conference & Expo will be held June 16-18, 2014 in Minneapolis, MN.

Just announced!
CBP Commissioner R. Gil KerlikowskeKeynote Speaker
R. Gil Kerlikowske
CBP Commissioner
To address US trade community
at conference luncheon
on Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Rep. Erik Paulsen (R) MNKeynote Speaker
Rep. Erick Paulsen
Minnesota's 3rd District
To open our annual conference

  • Member of the House Ways and Means Committee
  • Supports bipartisan agreements on Trade Promotion Authority
  • Keynote speech will address US trade policy

This year's conference, "A Fresh Perspective," also will feature discussions on:

  • trade with the US
  • trade with challenging countries
  • US trade policy and outreach
  • assessing risk levels and changing trends
  • Beyond the Border
  • corporate management of trade compliance
  • ACE development
  • export control reform
  • interagency cooperation

See our Conference Site for more information and registration details.
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contact us.

FDA and USDA Compliance Manuals
2013 FDA Import Compliance ManualAAEI's FDA and USDA Import Compliance Manuals are available for purchase. They are practical guides for pharmaceutical importers, including FDA import requirements and best practices for drugs and medical devices. Each manual is $100 for members; $150 for non-members. To download the order form, please click here.

2012 Benchmarking Full Results
2012 AAEI Full Benchmarking Results
The 2012 AAEI Full Benchmarking Results are now available for purchase. The survey was conducted in August 2012 and designed to collect data on trade issues relating to the nine industry sectors in the Centers for Excellence and Expertise (CEE). The full results cover importing, exporting, security and product safety topics. 
Cost to AAEI members is $100; for non-members, $150.
Order Form for 2012 AAEI Benchmarking Full Results

 Free - 2011 Benchmarking Highlights
2011 AAEI Benchmarking HighlightsAAEI's Highlights of 2011 AAEI Benchmarking Survey are now available for free download. The 2011 highlights provide a snapshot of the current state of international trade with a focus on importing, exporting, security and safety. 
Download the
2011 AAEI Benchmarking Highlights.

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